About us

AM Projects (A.M.P Engineering LTD) Specializes in effective and efficient project management and control using the most advanced methods and tools, resulting in major time and budget savings for each project.

AM Projects provides a customized solution for each client according to the project’s necessities, scope and budget. From consulting to full project management including our own team of engineers and supervisors that will see the project from preliminary design to it’s successful completion.

AM Projects specializes in giving a full comprehensive and detailed solution for large scaled 
construction. projects, and has vast experience in managing and controlling some of the biggest mega projects in Israel.
AM Projects also provides engineering services in all engineering fields (outsourcing) and promotes projects in the industry throughout the country.

Our Solutions

  • PMO / Project Control Services
  • Full Project Management
  • Schedule Planning, Management and Document Control
  • Budget Management and Control
  • Engineering Services
  • Engineers Recruiting

Outsourcing and Recruiting

AM Projects has the industry best engineers, and provides engineering services (outsourcing) and recruiting for projects and factories in all engineering fields.

Our clients are amongst the biggest factories, engineering companies, contractors and government authorities in the country.

We provide: Project managers, project engineers, supervisors, safety managers, foremen and designers for any project at any stage.

Our Advantage

Our experience and knowledge in the client’s needs allow us to provide the best solution and the best engineers for each project.
Our engineers will make sure that each project would see it’s successful completion.